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Suffixtree and Adobe have established a partnership for more than 5 years, and we will continue to work together to bring the world’s most advanced digital marketing solutions to worldwide enterprises by introducing Adobe’s products and finish following implementation services

Why Suffixtree?

Bespoke solutions for all your AEM needs

We’ll help you unlock the full potential of the Adobe Experience Cloud to build state-of-the-art digital marketing solutions so that you can consistently provide a personalized customer experience.

Dedicated development teams

Suffixtree is recognized as an Adobe Solution Partner, we offer dedicated development teams that follow agile methodologies in order to architecture, implement and test your Adobe projects.

Specialized in web content management

With specializations in Adobe Experience Manager. We owned Adobe professional certification, including 3 AEM Architects, 3 AEM Business Practitioner and 30 AEM Developer.

Application support

After implementing your solution or as a separate service, we will provide support and maintenance for your project. We provide flexible packages to provide corrective and evolutionary maintenance and support the daily work of your marketing users.

Adobe Experience Manager Capabilities

Content Management System

Make sure your content is consistent and personalised for each customer with Adobe Experience Manager Sites. Create and manage your digital experience across all channels with automated tools that make scaling effortless.

aem cms image

Digital Asset Management

Spend more time on experiences and less time searching for and adapting content. Adobe Experience Manager Assets gives you automation and smart tools to quickly source, adapt and deliver your assets across audiences and channels.

aem asset image

Digital Enrolment and Forms

Stop integrating point solutions. Adobe Experience Manager Forms is an end-to-end digital document solution that makes it easy to create responsive forms that customers can easily complete and securely e-sign, making a seamless customer journey from acquisition through retention.


Cloud Service

Stop paying for pricey upgrades with the first cloud-native enterprise-gradient content management system. Get Experience Manager in the cloud with optimal performance, great service level agreements and enterprise-gradient security.

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Adobe Experience Manager helps all enterprises create lifetime value.

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Explore the benefits of AEM Sites.

AEM Benefits

Experience consistency across all devices

Adopt responsive web design to simplify and reuse content across devices. Automatically adjust elements such as layout, text size, content, navigation, and images based on any device, so that customers can have a consistent and ideal experience whether they are using a desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Unified multi-channel construction and maintenance

You can create excellent digital content across channels, connecting online and offline experiences to achieve seamless connection. With one source code update, you can make simultaneous changes to content on each channel without having to develop and update each screen or device separately.

Truly liberating the IT team

No need to rely on IT, non-it professionals can manage the web page. No need to write code, they can easily update the content of marketing activities. IT developers spend less time on building and delivering content, allowing them to pool resources on meeting other requirements.

Strong Technical Support

The Experience Manager service can handle time-consuming challenges such as upgrading, patching, extending, backups and testing. Then you can focus on building customer relationships. When faced with technical problems, we will respond quickly and provide the best solution, so that you will have no worries.

Effectively reduce development costs

It simplified management of marketing content and assets, lower the threshold for use, and significantly reduced the time spent on creating and adapting content. In this way, it can effectively reduce the difficulty and the cost of website development, operation and maintenance. Thus you can save a lot of manpower and capital investment.

Deep integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud

Quickly synchronize and share data with Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Campaign. Create a more engaging, targeted, and timely digital experience for each customer based on customer data such as gender, age, and preferences.


What We Do

Adobe certified solutions partners who provide a full range of product implementation services

Project design

Fully communicate with the enterprise to understand the requirements, and use the rich implementation experience to customize the most appropriate AEM solution.

AEM Forms development

Develop AEM Forms Component, Workflow, Model and Service

AEM Sites and Assets Development

AEM Template, Components, Workflow, Service, Servlet and other modules development as well as OOTB UI customization.

Integration of third-party tools

Integrated with Adobe Experience Cloud (e.g., Analytics, Campaign, Target), and third-party systems (e.g., login, search, e-commerce systems, etc.)

Deployment, operation and maintenance

AEM installation, deployment, collocation, platform operation and maintenance, AEM upgrade and con.nt migration. AEM implementation diagnosis and optimization.

Training services

Customize different levels of AEM training, including AEM Sites, Forms and Assets. Our lectures are available on site or online

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