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Product Features

Aggregate and analyze all channel data

Data visualization

Data warehouse and Data sources

Real-time transmission data

Multimedia analysis

Marketing attribution

Aggregate and analyze all channel data

Provides multiple ways to integrate data from almost all channels, including websites, mobile devices, video, IoT, apps, social media and so on. Understand the information they share and the descriptions of their customers, which can then be analyzed in real time.

Data Visualization

Supports multiple data sources and analysis visualization of multiple data types to make a variety of charts. It can be unlimited subdivision and comparison, and merge dimensions, indicators, subdivision and date ranges in any combination.

Data warehouse and data sources

Provide deferred storage, data reprocessing, and reporting for customer data in data warehouse, where data sources can provide mass of raw data on a daily or hourly delivery schedule.

Real-time transmission data

With Adobe Analytics real-time streaming, you can access data in near real-time (30-90 seconds). You can also use share and transmit the data to give your team, department, or organization significant insight into goals and needs in real time.

Multimedia analysis

Including audio analysis and video analysis to understand key indicators such as what customers are using, how long they are using it, where they are, why they are closing it and what they are going to open next. Deep insight into customer engagement, understanding customer habits, and make highly personalized recommendations.

Marketing attribution

Powerful predictive models and cross-channel algorithmic attribution can provide powerful capabilities of customer behavior analysis. So that you can learn the impact of each marketing touch and how a customer transforms from a potential customer to a loyal customer.

Product Advantages

Strong Compatibility

If all the data is stored in different systems and the information is isolated from each other, it will be difficult to know which promotion information has more effect. The powerful compatibility of Adobe Analytics allows you to gather data and gain insights from many different sources.

360-degree customer view

Understand the overall customer situation across multiple channels and create a customer view profile. According to product preference, region division and similarity in behavior, customers are classified into role models to provide relevant and timely content information to potential customers and existing customers.

Timely response and individualization

With the ability to respond quickly and instantly, Adobe Analytics can identify the points where you lost customers in real time so as to re engage customer through reminders or other promotional messages. You can deliver personalized customer marketing contents in websites, emails, and even printed materials. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Use the prediction algorithm in Adobe Sensei, built-in statistics and machine learning to determine user trends, and use a powerful prediction model to anticipate customer needs in advance and take the lead.

Excellent data processing and analytical skills

Unique processing allows you to organize, collate, and prepare large amounts of data at lightning speed. Advanced segmentation lets you compare an unlimited number of subdivisions and see what works and what doesn't.

Integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud

Integrate Analytics into your Marketing Cloud and other Digital Marketing functions to provide data insight of each business goal and customer interaction.

Adobe Analytics helps all enterprises create lifetime value.

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Our Services

Adobe certified solutions partners who provide a full range of product implementation services

Project design

Fully communicate with enterprises to understand the needs, and customize the most appropriate data analysis solutions with rich experience in implementation.


Transfer business requirements to AA design document, and cooperate with IT department to implement websites, Android, iOS and other channels.

Validation and diagnosis

Diagnose and validate Adobe Analytics implementation for accuracy, completeness, and provide recommendations for improvement and optimization

Report customization and analysis

Customize AA report based on customer requirements. Analyze existing data and provide optimization suggestions to customers

Training Services

Customize different levels of Adobe Analytics training. Our lectures can be conducted on-site or online

Adobe Data Workbench

Adobe Data Workbench installation, deployment and implementation, profile design and customization, report customization, etc

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