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Provide marketing campaigns that resonate with customers 

Analyze the actions and preferences of customers based on their profiles, allowing you to manage and automate one-to-one marketing campaigns across all marketing channels on one platform.

Adobe campaign


Product Features

Marketing across all channels

You can plan, launch, test and manage all cross-channel marketing activities in the same location. Reasonable overall management can make different channels closely cooperate, no longer isolated and decentralized operation, and bring strong and complementary experience to your brand.

Marketing across all channels

Summarize and segment all customer data

You can aggregate customer data from different systems, devices, and channels into a single customer profile, locate customer segments in multiple dimensions. Or customize segmentation options to gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique customer model.

summarize and segment all customer data

Process Management

Use the drag-and-drop visual workflow canvas to orchestrate cross-channel marketing campaigns, incorporating channel workflow and targeted segmentation, so that you can complete all your design in a single visual interface and draw a clear road map to success.

Process management

Personalized email

Email is the foundation of a powerful cross-channel strategy. Analyzing and predicting the opening rate, optimal sending time and possible customer churn based on historical engagement metrics will help you design better personalized e-mail and deliver the content your customers need which can help you improve marketing conversion rates.

Personalized email

Custom data

Use drag-and-drop functionality to customize data at any time, and then quickly handle complex data management tasks such as computation, aggregation, de-duplication, and merging.

custom data

Data integration and connectivity

Adobe Campaign can be integrated with various marketing, analytics, and sales solutions. It can connect to large databases and CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, or create custom data connections to the broader marketing ecosystem, including point-of-sale systems, e-commerce platforms, and offline initiatives.

Data integration and connectivity

Product Advantages


Based on rich data points and strong customer segmentation, it enables marketers to provide 1:1 personalized experience and information, using the suitable data to guide customers to experience their unique journey.

Offline and Online

Easily manage multiple channels simultaneously, keeping your online channels (such as email, web, mobile, and social media) highly consistent with your offline channels (including direct mail, call centers, physical stores, etc.).

Track every step of customer's journey

You can track interaction metrics and measure the impact of your activities throughout the customer journey, which means you can accurately understand the most effective contact points and then invest in the right experience. In this way, you don't overinvest, but you get the most of your budget.

Overall marketing report

In addition to the immediately available report templates, you can create custom reports for placement, marketing campaigns, user segmentation, and so on. Perform analysis, summarize ROI, or export data to Adobe Analytics and other solutions to achieve further data visualization and analysis. 

Flexible deployment model

We can adapt to the data and compliance requirements of the organization or industry. Deploy the Adobe Campaign through a hosted, mixed, local service architecture using multiple hosting options from Azure to AWS.

Tailored service

We can help you start using Adobe Campaign at any time, and provide guidance and tailored solutions at every step, so that you can stand out from the competition with excellent marketing activities.

Adobe Campaign helps all enterprises create lifetime value.

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Our Services

Adobe certified solutions partners who provide a full range of product implementation services

Scheme design

Based on the design scheme of Adobe Campaign, customized the cross-channel marketing activity management scheme

Customize customers

Assist the enterprise in customizing customer data and subdivisions based on actual business scenarios

Business guidance

Instructs corporate marketers to use workflow canvases to orchestrate cross-channel marketing campaigns

Database migration

Helps plan the migration of the current marketing database and mapping the current table into the system table

Deployment, operation and maintenance

Deploy the Adobe Campaign to a hosted, mixed or local service architecture

Training Services

Provide professional Adobe Campaign training for enterprise developers and business personnel

Adobe Data Workbench

Adobe Data Workbench installation, deployment and implementation, profile design and customization, report customization, etc

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