Top 10 Hot Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies

Top 10 Hot Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies

Jitha Sanal
Sep 14, 2022 7:49:17 AM

Every day we are wade through different top trending technologies. In 2019 people are gone through Artificial intelligence (AI), it is changing the way we think of technologies, there are multiple businesses profits obtained from artificial intelligence technology.

According to a narrative science report, 38% of the companies are surveys used artificial intelligence in past years, but this year the percentage will be increased to 62%. Now will go through a study performed by Forrester research, compared to past years the predicted 2019 will bring a more refined approach to going after the artificial intelligence opportunity.

Forrester published a TechRadar report on AI (for application development professionals), analysis of 10 technologies enterprises should consider supporting human decision making.

But that’s not all, IDC estimated the artificial intelligence market will grow from $8 billion dollars to more than $47 billion by 2020.

Based on Forrester analysis, there are some top 10 hot artificial intelligence technologies.

1.Natural Language Generation: Natural Language generation is the use of artificial intelligence programming to produce written or spoken narrative from the dataset. Generally saying the right words in the right sequence to send a clear message that can be clearly understood by the hearer can be a tricky business. But for machines which prepares information in a totally different way than the human brain does, it can be trickier still.

It is the natural language processing job of generating natural language from a machine representation system. Natural Language Generation in a way acts opposed to Natural language understanding.

2.Speech Recognition: Speech recognition is the most important for human communication. But, the basic goal of speech processing is to implement interaction between a human and a machine. Presently used in interactive voice response systems and mobile applications. Sample vendors: NICE, Nuance Communications, OpenText, Verint Systems.

3.Virtual Agents: Sometimes it is called an intelligent virtual agent or chatbot. It is used to describe a program based on artificial intelligence that provides automated customer service. It has to refer human can work from home for a customer service agent remotely for their employer's location.

Presently used in customer service and support and as a smart home manager. Any of the companies that give virtual agents include Amazon, Apple, Artificial Solutions, Assist AI, Creative Virtual, Google, IBM, IPsoft, Microsoft, Satisfi.

4.Machine Learning Platforms:  Machine learning is one of the important branches of artificial intelligence. Its intent is to develop techniques that permit computers to learn.  Presently the machines used in a wide range of enterprise applications, frequently involving prediction or division.

By implementing algorithms, APIs (application programming interface), development and training tools, big data, applications and other machines, machine learning platforms are gaining more and more friction every day.

5.AI optimized Hardware: Organizations are investing heavily in artificial intelligence with hardware designs intended to accelerate the following generation of applications. Graphics processing units and appliances particularly designed and architected to efficiently run AI oriented computational jobs.

6.Decision Management: It is used in a wide variety of enterprise applications, assisting in or operating automated decision-making. Combining artificial intelligence and decision management systems can take decision making to different levels.

Artificial intelligence capabilities help these decision management systems in interpreting customer data into predictive models of important trends.  Today, a large amount of data is used for generating various models on a weekly basis or even on a daily basis that helps an organization in making decisions in fractional amounts of time.

7.Deep Learning Platforms: Artificial intelligence has multiple layers. It is a special type of machine learning consisting of AI. In machine learning, deep learning is the new big trend and fastest growing field.

Algorithms that use artificial intelligence networks to learn in multi-levels, corresponding to various levels of abstraction. Some of the deep learning applications have automatic speech recognition, image recognition. Currently, applications can be used in pattern recognition and classification applications supported by very large data sets.

8.Biometrics: This technology brings with the identification measurement and analysis of physical aspects of the body’s structure and form and human behaviour. It allows humans to communicate with machines including but not limited to image and touch recognition, speech, and body language. Presently used in marketing research.

9.Robotic Process Automation: Many companies are grown using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to run their business processes quicker, more efficiently and more productively.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is a technology that increases the automation of business processes. The idea of process robotization is often noticed when we talk about AI (artificial intelligence). RPA is very advantageous for many areas of activity.

10.Text Analytics and NLP: Natural Language Processing refers to the AI method of communicating with an intelligent system using a natural language. Natural Language Processing refers to the AI method of communicating with an intelligent system using a natural language

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