Artificial Intelligence for E-commerce

Suffixtree offers cutting-edge, custom-built AI solutions for forward-thinking e-commerce businesses globally.

Our solutions aim at helping them enhance customer experience, product discovery, engagement, conversions, and delight customers at every step.

Our AI Offerings for E-Commerce

AI-powered Shopping

Conversion Rate Optimization

Chatbot Development

We leverage deep learning to offer image-based, real-time personalization through a visual conversation that excludes the need for filters or text search. We help you naturally engage shoppers, drive them to make purchases more quickly, increase return visits and sales.

We use self-optimizing, evolutionary algorithms to decide the best design for your website or app over the time, according to changing customer behaviours and expectations, to increase traffic and conversions. The algorithms automatically decide the best design from among thousands or even millions of workable combinations.

Suffixtree develops chatbots for all trending platforms including Facebook Messenger and Slack. The chatbots we develop deliver more personalized customer experience and evolve with the previous purchases to be smarter.

Our Chatbot development services for e-commerce span:

  • Conversation Design
  • Chatbot Engineering
  • Quality & Performance
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Predictive recommendations
  • Efficient sales process
  • Personalisation across devices
  • Easy tackling of fake reviews
  • Easy combating of counterfeit products
  • Optimized inventory planning
  • Easy assortment management
  • Improved search capabilities
  • Effective retargeting of potential customers
  • Fill the gap between personalisation and privacy

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