Suffixtree HRIS Case Study - Thalappakatti

Transforming human resource management

How a large indian restaurant chain  implemented Suffixtree HRIS 

Managing the administrative processes required to track and support employees is a huge task in an organization like Salcomp, which employs over 40,000 people worldwide. The HR function has to maintain accurate records on every individual; keep such confidential information secure; and ensure that the company pays the salaries and taxes it owes correctly. 

Salcomp’s legacy systems were unable to cope with the challenge, as it expanded in the growth markets and transformed itself into a globally integrated enterprise. 



These systems couldn’t be scaled up, so dealing with new employees joining the firm via acquisitions was a complex and cumbersome process. 

By 2014, the HR function realized that it needed to upgrade or replace its existing systems. So it embarked on a major program to transform its human capital management with a single, global HR management system (HRMS) and global processes. To date, this new system has been implemented in 4 countries and serves 40,000 Salcomp employees and managers. Suffixtree HRIS implemented for Salcomp in India for 3 different Salcomp Entities in English Language, 3 Entity in China in Chinese language, Taiwan and 1 Entity in Brazil in Portuguese Language . 

The new HRMS is much easier to use. It has already reduced the amount of manual work that is required and the number of errors that are made, as well as improved data protection and privacy. It also helps the HR function provide a consistent service in line with industry best practice and perform sophisticated workforce analysis, and HRMS can evolve as the company itself evolves. For more information about this case study on Suffixtree HRMS please send an email to

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