Big Data Analytics


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Big Data is a megatrend impacting every facet of business decision making. With our extensive experience converting big data into big insights, client are reaping large bottom-line and top-line results.

Be it large amounts of data (Volume), fast changing or streaming data (Velocity) or multiple types of data such as unstructured data (Variety), traditional analytics are combined with emerging analytics such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to connect data with business results.


Big Data Analytics

Extract insights from fast-moving data on the fly with big data analytics. Absolute data uses machine learning, text analytics, and other advanced techniques to provide information that businesses need to react to events and make better decisions faster than ever.
  • Apply modern techniques like Naïve Bayes, Hidden Markov Models, Gradient Boosted Models, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, self-learning models, etc.
  • Test and adopt new tools such as Hadoop, SAP Hana, Hive and Python to generate more impactful results
  • Draw a more complete picture of your information
  • Incorporate advanced analytics like complex event processing, sentiment analysis and SPSS modeling
  • Leverage the expertise of over 100 data scientists and data engineers

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