Suffixtrie Vendor Portal provides the Vendor and the company, a common view of the purchasing data between SAP and Suffixtree Vendor Portal. This visibility allows vendors to Check Company’s Material demand week wise/Month wise and enables them to enter the delivery commitment in delivery planning module.

With a shared view of the data, vendor updates and inquiries that are normally conducted through time-consuming phone calls could be lessened and instead performed with only few mouse clicks. For example Vendor can view Purchase Order , Schedule Agreement and VMI delivery schedule and confirm the delivery quantity and confirm it via Suffixtrie Vendor Portal.


Vendor can Log-In using his unique ID which is linked to the Vendor Code.
Vendor can view their Purchase order, Schedule Agreement and VMI and update the deliver confirmation against it in secured portal based solutions.
Delivery Confirmation Note can be printed from the Vendor portal and send to the company along with material.
Number of Returnable Goods (Packaging material) for each delivery is tracked automatically.
Returnable good stock reports.
Flexible delivery planning week wise/month wise allows vendor to check the Company’s material demand and confirm the commitment quantity.
Features include Multiple Company, Multiple Location, unlimited vendor and multi language.
Highly secured authorization process.
Ability to control what supplier can see