Plant Maintenance Software

Suffixtree Plant Maintenance Solutions :

Suffixtree developed Plant Maintenance modules as part of Suffixtree ERP.  This module can easily and quickly customized as per the customer requirement by Suffixtree .

Suffixtree Categorize the Plant maintenance modules as

  • Plant Maintenance Masters
  • Plant Maintenance Transaction
  • Plant Maintenance Reports & Dashboard

Plant Maintenance Masters :

Maintain the master data for all the plant maintenance activity in the Suffixtree solutions .

Masters Screen :

  • Unit Master
  • Machine Master
  • Activity Master
  • Machine Group Master
  • Party Master
  • Electricity Rate


Plant Maintenance Transactions:

Create the periodical transaction activity in plant maintenance module here .

Plant Maintenance Reports & Dashboards:

List of reports developed in Plant Maintenance.

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