Artificial Intelligence and machine learning present the industry with a real opportunity to do R&D differently

The current machine learning initiatives of the top five pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, reveal trends in the following areas:

Mobile coaching solutions

The ability to advise patients and improve patient outcomes using real-time data collection (see Johnson & Johnson’s Patient Athlete™ program).

Personalized medicine

The ability to analyze large amounts of patient data to identify treatment options using a cloud-based system that can process natural language (see Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Novartis’ applications of IBM Watson)

Drug discovery

Doctors may feel threatened by the advent of an AI tool with the purpose of “augmenting” their abilities. Unlike doctors, pharma companies have every reason in the world to adopt the most cutting-edge technologies in the expensive and lengthy process of drug discovery. Unlike other applications within healthcare facilities, drug discovery seems to have a clearer path to AI adoption.

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